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July 24, 2017

Our Stories are what make the YWCA so great.   Everyday we strive  to help families, empower women, eliminate racism and strengthen our community.  Below are real stories of how the YWCA made a lasting, positive change in everyday lives.


“A friend of mine suggested I go swimming. I started swimming at the YWCA Pool the end of December. It definitely helped my surgical knee get stronger and I lost over 40 lbs. We knew that the other knee was bone on bone but, the doctor wanted to wait until the first knee healed completely. The knee held out for almost a year and some of that was largely due to the swimming. It strengthened the ligaments around the knee.


I started back swimming two weeks after the second knee surgery. The time I spent in the pool helped to get the knee bending. At six and a half weeks I had 130 percent motion in the knee and was able to start back to work in four weeks. The first knee without the swimming took up to a year to heal and I did not go back to work until 8 weeks had passed.


I would recommend to anyone that has knee surgery to use the YWCA pool as part of their rehab therapy.”


~Janice Jackson~

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WATER EXERCISE is highly recommended by health officials around the world.   The lack of gravitational pull and the resistance of water has great impacts in many areas of your health. The following classes offer a wide range of intensities and are designed to meet all of your aquatic fitness needs and are led by a dynamic group of instructors.  Check out Current Pool Schedule for days and times of class availability. 


Aqua-cise (Ages 13 and up)  

An intermediate intensity level, this class focuses on cardio exercise.  This hour long class utilizes noodles and most of the exercises are done in shallow water.


Aqua-jog (Ages 13 and up) 

This class  is also an intermediate   intensity level utilizing low impact exercise.  The warm up and initial cardio begin in shallow water and the moves to the deep end, utilizing noodles or an aqua-belt for suspension, allowing for a dynamic workout.


Aqua-Chi (Ages 13 and up) NEW  

A great class to relax that's low impact focusing on core stability and balance, increase flexibility with mix of Tai Chi and Yoga exercises.   


Aqua-weights (Ages 13 and up) 

Utilizing weights, this class has a great impact on cardio health and toning.  Exercises are done in both shallow and deep water.


Gentle Joints (Ages 13 and up) 

This class focuses on increasing range of motion, flexibility, and balance.  Exercises are low impact designed to help you improve with your daily activities such as climbing steps or lifting.  *Senior and other pricing options available.*












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Lap Swim

Whether an avid lapper, or you just want to paddle up and down the pool, YWCA Lap Swim has a lane open with your bubbles written all over it.                          









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