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YWCA Elmira Photo Release

Telling your story matters!  Help us share it!  Below is our photo release agreement, which is always optional, but helps our agency market real stories, memories, and achievements with real images and video.   Your stories helps us find funds and ensure the money given has a positive change to community members.   As always the YWCA Elmira is appreciative of your support!

YWCA Elmira Photo Release for YWStore

I hereby authorize the YWCA Elmira & the Twin Tiers, hereafter refereed to YWCA Elmira, to publish photographs and videos taken of myself and/or the minor child(ren) listed on said approved form, and our names and likenesses, for the use of YWCA's prints, online and video-based marketing materials, as well as other YWCA Elmira Publications.   

I hereby release and hold harmless the YWCA Elmira from any reasonable expectation of privacy or confidentiality for myself and for the minor(s) listed on said form.   Further, I attest that I am the parent and/or guardian of the child(ren) listed and that I have full authority to consent and authorize to use their likenesses and name(s). I further acknowledge that participation is voluntary and that Neither I, the minor(s) will receive financial compensation of any type associated with the taking or publication of photographs and videos or participation in YWCA marketing material or other publications. 

I hereby release the YWCA Elmira, It's contractors, it's employee's and any third parties involved in the creations or publications of the YWCA Elmira publications, from liability for any claims by me or any third party in connection with my participation or the participation of the minor(s) listed on said form. 

If you have any questions, comments or concerns with the YWCA Elmira Photo/media release information please contact us! 

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